How to Create an Article for ekspert.io 

By  jon@admin

If you’ve been given the ability to create and publish articles on ekspert.io (click here to learn how you can get this ability), this article will give you everything you need to know to do that. Before you begin writing, though, you’ll need to prepare a few things.

  1. Download and install WordPress editing software. These applications look and feel like Microsoft Word. With these apps, you can create an article with any formatting, pictures, graphs & charts, hyperlinks, etc. Once you download, install and open one of these apps, it should be pretty obvious how to create your first article using them. We’ve found and have tried several free WordPress editors you can download and install
    • Open Live Writer (Windows) – Microsoft originally developed open Live Writer.  A few years back, Microsoft started moving small apps and utilities into the “public domain,” and Open Live Writer is one of those apps.  An active developer and user community support it.
    • Blogjet (Windows) – while “free,” please consider donating to the developers so they can continue enhancing the application.
    • MarsEdit (Mac) – the app is free; however, if you plan on writing a lot of articles, it may make sense to purchase a license.
    • Ulysses (Mac) – is paid software with a 14-day free trial.  Consider it more of a content management system on your local computer.  Definitely “high-end.”
  2. Know what graphics you’ll include in the article.  The editors listed above will allow you to insert any image or other content (e.g., videos, pictures, charts & graphs, etc.) into your article.  When you publish to ekspert.io, the images will automagically be uploaded along with your article.
  3. Include specific copyright declarations for yourself or your legal entity.  While this is optional, it’s always a good idea to inform the InterWebs that the words you’ve written are valuable and that you have a legal right to control how they’re used.
  4. References, hyperlinks, etc., can be used in any article published on ekspert.io.  When creating a hyperlink in your article, we STRONGLY suggest using the “Open in new tab” option.  Otherwise, your reader will likely get lost once they leave eskpert.io.

We hope you enjoy writing articles for ekspert.io.  Please let us know if you ever need any assistance.

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